Friday’s Flower: Jack in the Pulpit

Friday's Flower - Jack in the Pulpit.jpg

The woodlands produce many interesting and unusual plants.  Due to the lack of sun, the flowers are often small or drab in color.

 The Jack in the Pulpit has some unusual-looking flowers that you might walk by without noticing.

 The flower consists of an upright trumpet-shaped flower topped with a “hood.”  Inside the flower is a spadix or floral spike that stands tall.  Altogether, it resembles a religious figure about to give a sermon while standing at it’s pulpit.

Friday's Flower - Jack in the Pulpit - berries.jpg

 The flower is usually green and sometimes has maroon stripes inside.   After blooming, it produces a clump of scarlet berries.  Keep in mind that the berries are poisonous.

 The leaves could be mistaken for poison ivy – if it grew in an upright fashion.

 This is definitely a plant to consider for your shade or woodland garden.