We hired Shannon from Dabah Landscape Designs to renovate our tired pool space. We had a very tall order with our backyard goals and the Dabah team was able to meet it within our budget.

Shannon came up with a fresh design scheme that allowed us to realize the potential of our backyard. Shannon helped me with visualizing the design as I had difficulty envisioning. They changed up the curves around the pool patio, added some pockets of plants and installed a grand staircase to an upper terrace.

Shannon selected a budget friendly paver that looks exactly like brick. The finished product is so elegant and looks like we spent a ton. We love showing off and entertaining in our new backyard. They were able to move some existing lamp posts to accommodate the new layout. And they built a lovely staircase utilizing some of our existing stone that was unearthed and combined it was new bluestone pieces- the end result is beautiful!
— Christine Whitaker Wagner
Dabah Landscape Designs (Pamela & Shannon) did an excellent job on the design and installation on our front embankment. Our home is a Historic Victorian (built in 1888). We needed professional knowledge with plant selections for the period of home and a design that worked within our budget. We found Pamela and Shannon a joy to work with. We would highly recommend Dabah Landscape Designs.
— Rradesigns
I was very impressed by the team from Dabah. Shannon Savage designed a new landscape plan for our entire property and was very attentive to the ideas we had in mind. As the project progressed Shannon was there every step of the way and continued to work with us to tweak the design as we saw it unfold. The hardscape installation crew, led by Benny, was courteous and solicited our input along the way. I highly recommend Shannon and everyone at Dabah
— Stan Layton
I wanted to install a pergola in my backyard but everyone I consulted either didn’t want to do such a small job or were not willing to do it my way. Feeling frustrated, I called Pamela and was pleasantly surprised by the service. Not only was Dabah Landscape willing to work on my project but they listened to my ideas. They were professional and took the responsibility of seeing the job done to my satisfaction. I am very thankful that I found them when I did.
— Rita Roy
We are so pleased with Dabah Designs. We worked mostly with Shannon for an overhaul of the landscaping the front of the house. She listened carefully to my aesthetic and was able to use that to come up with a landscape design that I would not have been able to do on my own. We are so pleased with the work that was done (from design and planning to execution) and are really looking forward to seeing the landscape grow into itself and change with the seasons. She was also very respectful of our budget. We highly recommend Dabah Designs to anyone looking for professional landscape design and implementation.
— Michelle Wallach
Absolutely gorgeous. I am very interested in getting the plans for the type of flowers and how many this project took.
— Tammie Nestor
The one word to describe my experience with dabah landscape design is “magical”. Specifically, Pamela Dabah is a unique and talented visionary. All professional and 100% present. First, practical matters: Guess what? She called back, she showed up, she listened, she heard, she provided feedback, she collaborated, she provided an accurate quote and then yes, she showed up again and got the job done to beyond my 100% satisfaction.

Working with Pamela Dabah is like working with no other contractor. She really listens to what her client is saying. With me, not so easy. I presented a messy front hill, with overgrown shrubs and drainage issues, I wanted a giant boulder or two included in the landscape. I wanted help creating a “woodland retreat” in a little grove of trees, I needed help putting order and grace to a beloved but overgrown garden and lastly, I wanted a fence. But not just an ordinary fence. It needed to be art, it needed to be made of natural materials, and I wanted to use found objects. Not an easy client.

She broke it down into manageable pieces. The messy front became a beautiful rock garden. She brought in a guy who is THE rock guy. They artfully placed gigantic boulders moving them 1/2” this way, a tilt that way until Pamela was satisfied. It was watching art being created. Next the front landscaping. perfect for me. Not too composed, easy to maintain, and she included some of my favorites - she made them work. She re-located old, old shrubs to save them. She has deep respect for the Earth, nature and preservation.

She was able to restore order to my garden and suggested how to use found objects in the landscape. Off I went and I had the pleasure and satisfaction of participating and helping with the creation. Another contractor would have been all ego. Pamela is about art, compassion, listening and skillful execution.

My woodland retreat is precious. So simple and something that had eluded me for years. “1, 2, 3” and Pamela and her guys created a beautiful, natural and peaceful space.

And last but not least, my fence/screen - Pamela listened to me, heard what I was saying, sat with me to look through books, then walked around my property and poked into the garage. She emerged with my stash of 100 year old windows which I couldn’t bear to dispose of, some trellis and part of a picket fence and with patience and an eye to precision, built a unique, wonderful and playful fence (I still need to choose the paint color).

That’s it. She is stuck with me - I will never go to another landscape designer.
— Lauren Vazquez
We hired Pamela to design and build a stone retain wall for us. Pamela’s design work was spot on with what we were looking for. Her team are true craftsman and very professional. I would highly recommend Pamela and her team and I am looking forward to having them work on other projects for us at our house.
— Greg
It’s rare these days to find someone that is knowledgeable, creative, honest and takes pride in the work that they do. Pamela returns all phone calls (also a rarity these days), and is very willing to work within your budget. When I find a contractor with integrity, I stick with them. I was more than happy with the work that she did (drainage problems, mulch, pruning, seeding and planting a tree) and would be quick to refer Dabah to anyone that is looking for landscaping work. There is more work that I will need next year and I wouldn’t even consider calling anyone else! Good luck
H. G.
Randolph, NJ
— Howard G
Extremely quick service, best rates in the area and they do a fantastic job. I like that they have real expertise in design, not just maintenance, so they can actually redo your whole exterior not just keep it clean and tidy.
— Alpesh S