Friday's Fantasy?: Egyptian Walking Onion

You’re not imagining things!  Have you ever seen a plant that can “walk?”

 This plant isn’t the prettiest one around, but it sure is interesting.

Friday's Flower - Egyptian Walking Onion2.jpg

 The Egyptian Walking Onion – native to Asia - got its name from the way it spreads across your garden.  Where most onions grow  bulbs underground and flowers on spikes above, this one skips the flowers and instead grows mini bulbs on tall spikes up to 2’ tall.

Friday's Flower - Egyptian Walking Onion.jpg

 The mini bulbs grow in size and weight until the rigid spikes topple over.  Where the bulbs touch ground, they take root and start the process again.

 They are hardy to zone 3 and have few “health” issues.  They need full sun to truly thrive.

 They are perennials with foliage that dies back to the ground.  To keep your garden neat, tie them up or trim them after the tops have died.

 The bulbs and greens are edible.  Use the greens as you would chives or other green onions.  The bulbs are small and very piquant.

 This will be a great conversation piece for your garden.