Friday's Flower: Rose Campion

Friday’s Flower – Rose Campion.jpg

Rose Campion is something special.  Between its fuzzy silvery foliage and striking magenta blossoms, it’s a true standout in the garden, adding color and texture whether or not it’s in bloom.

 This is a fairly easy plant to grow as it likes dry, poor alkaline soil.  It is also hardy up to zone 4.

 They bloom best in their second year and after that, the flowers become sparser but they make up for it by reseeding themselves every year so you always have a new crop on its way.  At the end of the blooming season, remove any mulch so the seeds will hit the ground as they drop.

 With regular deadheading, you’ll have a long crop of flowers – from May to July – but don’t forget to let those late season blossoms go to seed for next year.

 In olden days, the leaves were used as wicks for oil lamps in their native regions around the Mediterranean Sea. 

 The plants can grow up to 3’ tall and up to 1.5’ across.    They are deer-resistant and generally insect- and disease-resistant also.

 If you’d like some variation in color, varieties are available with solid white flowers or white with pink centers.

 Bring this little plant into your life for some bright color and beauty.