Friday's Flower: Irish Eyes Black-Eyed Susan

If you like something a little different, take a look at this green-eyed beauty. 

Friday's Flower - Irish Eyes Rudbeckia.jpg

Like other Rudbeckia Irish Eyes is a daisy with yellow-orange petals and a cone-shaped center, but unlike most of them this flower has a green center.  It is a striking compliment to other flowers in your garden.

Irish grows between 2-3’ tall and needs full sun.  It is drought-tolerant as long as you water it occasionally. 

The 4-5” flowers come out from late spring through mid-fall with fragrant blossoms that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

They are hardy through zone 5 but may not survive an exceptionally harsh winter.  They make up for it by self-seeding.

If you need a long-blooming plant, this may be the one for you.