Friday's Flower: Joe Pye Weed

2019-05-24 Friday's Flower - Joe Pye Weed - tall.jpg

If you’d like to plant something dramatic and have room for something VERY tall, consider planting Joe Pye Weed.  It’s not elegant or refined but you may fall in love with it regardless.

 This member of the sunflower family can grow to 8 feet tall or more.

 A Native American shaman and herbalist used this plant to stop a typhus epidemic and so settlers named the plant after him.

 If you like it but don’t like the height, there are other varieties such as “Baby Joe” or “Little Joe” (2-1/2’ to 4’ tall.)  There are also varieties with foliage and blooms in different colors, but the standard is a medium green foliage with mauve flowers.

 It is a food source for butterflies and hummingbirds so if you like to keep the winged wildlife around, this is a great option.