Friday’s Flower: Lily of the Valley Shrub

2019-03-22 Lily of the Valley Shrub.jpg

Pieris japonica is a variety of Andromeda that produces fragrant blooms early in the spring, showing lovely bell-shaped flowers.  It is very tolerant of shade but also does well in full sun. With evergreen leaves, it looks good year-round.  It is also deer-resistant.

 This lovely shrub can grow up to 12’ tall and 9’ wide but you can easily keep it in check by pruning right after the flowers die.  If you wait too long to prune it after blooming, you may be pruning off next years buds.

 It also requires acidic soil.  While flowers are generally white, you can also find cultivars with flowers in shades from pink to deep rose.

Consider adding this lovely shrub to your foundation plantings where it will blend well with rhododendrons.  The both have the same care requirements.